the return of Mothers

imgresJust continuing on the conversations about women returning to the workplace.  Leaving is easy and returning is hard.  How do we make it easier?

IMHO companies should actively be pursuing women who are interested in returning to the workplace that used to be engaged in their workplace before they left to pursue motherhood.  Creative people, financial people, food people, operational people and others who have just spent the last decade or more running a family.  Those skills could apply to every single one I noted.

I have a friend who is starting to look at returning to the working world.  I am not so sure that a 5 day work with makes sense for her.  She has just spent the last decade and a half with a completely flexible schedule.  Flexible is the operative word here because I am not so sure she doesn’t still want to have some type of flexibility.  It is hard to go back to structure.  I would bet she still wants to be able to see her kids who are now young adults when they have a vacation time.   Whatever the reason flexibility is key.

For what it is worth if I had a company that was looking to hire people of her caliber that can bring maturity and a whole different angle to the workplace I would hire them with the premise of three day work week.  Those three days will be meaningful for the company, meaningful for the woman that was hired and I bet a win win for everyone.

Just my 2cents.



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  1. Lisa Abeyta

    I love that you’re talking about this and bringing the conversation to a more visible level. Going back to “work” – as if being a mother isn’t – was one of the scariest transitions I made, and if we can find ways to make it easier for other women, we’ll have done a very good thing for our economy. I’m actually working on a book on why I think moms are uniquely qualified not only for the workforce but for entrepreneurship. Running a household, raising children, being the supporting role to the wage-earning spouse – all of these hone skills that employers should covet in their hires. Every policy we put in place in our business, I ask myself if this will encourage more mothers to want to work for us or less.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Looking forward to reading that book

      1. Lisa Abeyta

        It’s about halfway completed; I’ll definitely share when it’s finished. Thanks!

  2. Sari Nickelsburg

    Just FYI, it’s too late for this morning’s event – but I met Pamela Weinberg at the WE Festival. She ‘s a career advisor affiliated with NYU running a company called MYOBMoms with another partner. It’s specifically focused on helping mothers considering a transition back to the work place and/or starting their own companies. This morning is the first of a series of events they’re hosting in NYC, and probably worth looking into if anybody in New York wants to attend. I’m popping up to say hello, and sit in this morning.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I am seeing more of these opps pop-up. I hope more women engage themselves with these companies