Dover, Brooklyn

kitchenatdoverWe have been doing the rounds at the latest and greatest Brooklyn restaurants for years.  At first we felt that the hype did not match the reality.  Many good local neighborhood restaurants but not so sure they were worth traveling too.  A lot has changed over the years and if you want a stellar meal and you live in Brooklyn well you do not need to come to Manhattan anymore to get it.  Dover was delicious at every turn.  Impressive.

cheeseballsTo start the meal off right they served us four small gougere that are filled with an oozing cheese that must have been piped in just before they came to our table.  Delicious.

tarragonasparagussoupWe were also given a small cold pea soup with hints of tarragon.  I am a big fan of the cold vegetable soup this time of the year.

roastedoystersYou can get the oysters two ways.  We did both which are absolutely both worth having, one after the other.  Oysters broiled with a light bearnaise sauce.

oystersThe other oysters are raw with a rhubarb tarragon sauce.  All of the oysters were plump, briny and just delicious.

hamachidoverSliced hamachi with a ponzu sesame sauce over the top and thinly sliced radishes.  Nice combo.

caviarCaviar pie was a must.  Caviar layered over egg is one part of the dish.  The other is toasted brioche and blini.  I tried both breads with the caviar.  I am a sucker for caviar and this was really good.  I honestly could not stop eating it.

cauiflowerdoverRoasted to perfection cauliflower mixed with raisins, pistachio and a light fish sauce.  The dish was warm and the sauce although light held the dish together perfectly.  A really good vegetable dish.

lamb ribs

The lamb ribs were amazing.  Slid right off the bone served with roasted pieces of eggplant, crushed peanuts and mint.  So good.


I do try and not eat the bread but this was insanely delicious.  First I started on the crackers then I made my way into the bread and the two dips that they serve.  Then I kept going and going.  I am pretty sure I ate the majority of this loaf myself.

pastaSomeone had the pasta which of course I tasted.  Long tubular pasta mixed with a light veal sauce and ramps.

fishdoverTwo people had the lobster and my photo is absolutely blurry so no need to post.  It was split open and broiled with english peas, smoked bacon and lettuce. I barely got my fork in there to try.  I had the snapper that was poached and served with mussels, bok choy and a light coconut broth.  I like that you can get any of the mains as a half portion of full.  The mains were probably my least favorite.  Next time I’d probably stick with the small items on the menu and maybe do half portions of the mains.

cheesefondueDessert?  Of course.  Out came their version of cheese fondue.  A little intense on the alcohol but you have to let it burn off.  Great presentation.

strawberrydessertThis was absolutely delicious.  Fresh berries with a panna cotta.  Wow.

dessertinparchmentatdoverServed in parchment paper inside were two pieces of a cake topped with roasted fruit and then a cream sauce is poured over.  I honestly can not remember what it was but I do remember we ate every last bit.

calamariiceThis was a great ending.  A small cup of ice and mixed with campari.  Really clever.

caramelsCaramels to hit the road.

chefWe went into the kitchen afterward and said hello.  Loved that the two people running the kitchen that night were two women chefs.  Don’t see that enough.  I can hardly wait to go back.  The food was great.  The restaurant has a simplicity to it that just works.  A great addition to the NY restaurant landscape.

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  1. William Mougayar

    Wow. Impressive. I was intrigued by the iced Campari (which is my favorite aperitif drink). Was it just like crushed iced mixed with Campari?

    1. Gotham Gal

      My fave too. It was very icy with a little kick

      1. William Mougayar


  2. pointsnfigures

    Impressive that the food is so well presented, and looks pretty inventive, yet it’s in a more casual place. Like that.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Very casual which is really nice

  3. AG

    I went to bouley for a work lunch yesterday and after a heavy 5 course tasting menu (which reaffirmed for me how much I hate tasting menus), I so appreciate how clean all the flavors in your meal seem to be. Can’t wait to try it next time I hit bk for dins.

  4. Kylie Sachs

    thanks! now I know where to go for my husband’s birthday dinner 🙂