Hamptons Collective


My friend , the founder of PopUpSummer!, emailed me not that long ago telling me that she was putting together a pop-up store in Bridgehampton for the summer.  It was going to be a curated collection of young brands in a store through the summer and part of September.  Great idea and great for those brands who now have an opportunity to connect with a customer through a brick and mortar location with like minded brands.

susan2A collaborative collective hence the name Hamptons Collective.  If you have ever been to Los Angeles think Fred Segal in a smaller venue.

susan1If you are in the Hamptons this summer it is absolutely worth stopping in.  A mixture of clothing, art, food and even skin care.  A nice addition to Main Street if even for a few months.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Endorphin

    Thanks for coming by Joanne! It’s been a big collaboration with Jennifer Magee and Angela Wang of Republic Spaces. Lots of talent in the space with 14 designers, artists and brands represented.

    1. Gotham Gal

      i am psyched to come back.

  2. Laura Yecies

    Uh oh..reading this blog continues to be dangerous for the wallet, I’m heading out to the east end this Sat, I think I will have to stop in. Thanks for the tip Joanne! Any good new restaurants in Montauk/Amagansett?

    1. Gotham Gal

      nothing really new…if there is let me know!!

  3. Tracey Jackson

    Wandered in two days after they opened. Nice surprise. Being able to get FACE cosmetics and they had cute clothes. Good addition to the hood

    1. Gotham Gal

      great addition to the hood

  4. #HamptonsPop

    Looking forward to your return!

  5. Alex Wolf

    This looks so cool. Wish my beach haven had similar! I would have to start it if so…I wonder if Hampton Collective wants the best designed coffee table game for science on their shelves?

    1. Gotham Gal

      Maybe they do