Moving culture

imgres-1There was an article a few weeks ago in the NYX this weekend about taking art on the road, like a food truck.   Certainly there have been moving installations for years at museums around the globe.  There are a few of them that I have seen several times over in different cities.  Through summer traveling and then again when the exhibit got to NYC.  Sometimes the same, sometimes just a bit different in how it was curated.

A few summers ago I met with a woman who was looking to create a moving art installation.  It was a very big idea and was skewed towards math and science.  Through many iterations it became something else but the concept always stuck in my mind.  Just like the Ashes and Snow exhibit that was a nomadic museum that made its way around the globe showing photography on rice paper of a journey that took place over a course of a year.  I saw it when it was NYC and the concept stuck with me.  Of course I was thinking about how much money they made based on the tickets, the merchandise that they sold, they brand extension etc. because I can’t help myself but it was unique and very cool.

When I saw that article in the NYX I was intrigued.  Art is essential to everyone.  Food trucks have essentially taken food on the road.  The explosion of the food trucks in urban areas changed the game when it comes to good food vs fast food.

When I was a kid in Ann Arbor Michigan, one night a week in the summer, the book truck would show up at the elementary school parking lot.  I went to school at Burns Park Elementary.  We’d go over there, like a library and return the books from the week before and then take out a few books for the next week.  Ann Arbor, although a college town, is not exactly the pinnacle of urban culture.

Food trucks, art trucks, clothing trucks, any trucks spreading culture is an interesting concept.  As our communities move towards urban environments taking trucks on the road to engage everyone is just a super cool concept.  We have become such a mobile world yet physically being able to experience culture is life changing.  I know that library truck was to me.