Berlin, Day 3

The day began having coffee with an investor that Fred knows in Berlin.  Interesting hearing her insight and knowledge of all the companies that are being built in Europe.  Also she talked about the communities around tech.  People who are interested in the tech space have flocked to Berlin.  Each company has people working there from so many different countries.  There are other areas that have tech communities but Berlin and London are probably the top of the life.  Kind of like SF and NY although we are seeing LA and Chicago ramping up over the last few years.

Jessica and Emily decided about a month ago to join our trip which is a bonus.  They were at the hotel by the time our coffee ended.  After a quick shower and change of clothes they were ready to go.  They have both been here several times as well which makes it so much easier.  We know where we are and what we want to see or what we don’t need to see.  Berlin is certainly a city that we will come back to again and again.


We walked over to Mogg & Meltzer located in Mitte in buildings that used to be a Jewish girls school.  The restaurant has the flair of Mile End in NYC.  We decided to split everything.


We began with a peach gazpacho soup.  Nice zing with the sweetness of the peaches.


The sandwiches are delicious.  Super soft rye bread as the base.  This one is pulled pork with bbq sauce with slices of avocado and a chipotle mayo.  I might have to replicate this at home.  The cole slaw is also a winner.  Just like you want cole slaw to be.  Crunchy but not too laden with sauce.  No surprises I love pickles.  These have just a hint of spice that makes me want to eat an entire container at one sitting.  Simple brine with a kick.


Large chunks of pastrami with a brown mustard sauce.  Need I say more?


We wandered the rest of the day.  In a few stores, galleries.  Am a big fan of this product and I never see it in the states although you can order it online.  Some of these items through the same brand I have never seen.  I love the name….This Works.

local zodka

In Wood Wood they were selling a local vodka.  Love the packaging.

We got back to the hotel and took a chill before making our way out to dinner.  Dinner was at Kimchi Princess.  The place is hopping so be prepared to wait for drinks, food and the works.  The staff appears to be overwhelmed.


To start I went with a cocktail.  Not my norm but figured why not.  Soju, lime, cucumber sticks and ginger beer.  Pretty refreshing.


This is the classic Bibimbap.  A rice bowl with beef, veggies, a fried egg over the top and a very spicy sauce.  The sauce packs a powerful punch so remember that before making the dish messy.


Our waiter recommended the glass noodles with beef, vegetables and pieces of what might have been a thick pancake.  I actually liked this the best.

fried zeggies

Deep fried vegetables


There are a variety of Korean BBQ options that you cook at your table.  We went with the Argentine beef served with a chili-miso paste and sesame seed oil.

It was fun to eat outside and share the meal.   Obviously a huge hit in Berlin.

Comments (Archived):

  1. William Mougayar

    I’m interested in the comparisons between London and Berlin for startups. They are def. the 2 poles in Europe, but I think Berlin is more scrappy than London.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Much much more

    2. awaldstein

      keep your eyes on both milan and lisbon. starting to grow and terrific towns.

      1. Gotham Gal

        Been to both. Returning to Lisbon in September. Porto too

        1. awaldstein

          Porto is a magnificent place.Know the wine area there but the startup scene in Lisbon better .

  2. pointsnfigures

    Had a friend move to Berlin from LA. He is a coder. Likes it there. Korean BBQ is awesome. Love Kimchi.

  3. ellen

    my friend flies to Germany a couple of times a month. She feels that the food is so much fresher and the vegietables and fruit to be pesticide free.

    1. Gotham Gal

      that could be true.