First an advisor, now a board member

I definitely consider myself an advisor to any of the companies that I invest in.  I engage, ask questions, have an open door and try to do as much as I can to help each company grow.  Giving money is just one piece of the pie.

I met Kellee sometime in the fall of 2011.  We met up again at a cocktail party and we got together again the next day.  At this point I was sold.  The company was one month old and I invested.

I was impressed with Kellee.  She is smart, committed, tough and tenacious.  I have told many people one of the things I love about her is not only is there are carrot dangling in front of her nose but if I locked her in a box and threw away the key I have no fear that she would figure how to get out.

I have definitely been a mentor to Kellee since day one.  We talk often and sometimes it just helps to have someone on the other end to hear how frustrating building a company can be.  This one, like all, have had their ebbs and flows.

Kellee was introduced to Peggy Fry and knew immediately that she would be the perfect partner for her to take the company to the next level.  Peggy is a smart and seasoned woman who has been in the upper eshelons of the tech/media/ad world for the past twenty years.  I spoke to her and met her and was thrilled at the prospect that she would be joining the team.  We have finally made that official.

Then Kellee asked me to join as a board member to work with her and Peggy on the next part of this journey.  I was happy to.  I am really looking forward to working with these women to grow Loverly to be the must go to site when you search for anything to do with weddings….and quite frankly any type of beautiful inspiration.   Here is the announcement on Techcrunch.