Happy Birthday America


My father traveled all over the globe when we were little and would come back saying we are so lucky that we live in America.

Reading the headlines around the globe in the last few months is so utterly upsetting.  The young girls in Nigeria are still missing.  The escalation of anger in Israel and Palestine just gets worse.  Syria is in a civil war.  South Korea has had one tragedy after another.  The Ukraine is in turmoil.  At least when the Malaysan plane went down a few months ago there was international unity to find the plane.

There needs to be a superhero Government.  Conceptually the United Nations was supposed to be that.  An entity that cared about the people, that saved the children, that saved the day, that saved Governments from themselves. Politics seeps into everything and there is no doubt that the United Nations is one political animal.

Don’t get me wrong, our country has plenty of its own issues.  Immigration, a overly conservative Supreme Court that appears to be disconnected from the majority of the people in our country, the education system, etc.  I could go on and on.

There are issues everywhere.  I am lucky to be born in the US.  We are free, I get to vote, I can travel freely, I still believe that although nothing is perfect that being a US citizen is a privilege.

Happy Birthday America…and I am hoping for that super power Government that supports the good will of the people around the globe.

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    1. Gotham Gal

      this is awesome. capitalism works.

  1. LE

    There needs to be a superhero Government.The common threads in many of the issues that you are mentioning is religion.All that brainwashing makes it really difficult to fix things.Sure, our government turned a blind eye to some of the dictators that kept things in order overseas.Many are gone now.But as we now see that might have been a necessary evil. The problem is really really difficult because you are not going to all the sudden deprogram all these people from thinking the way they do based on ideas that were put in their head at an early age.