Mouth + Food and Wine

imgres-1I could not think of a more perfect partnership, Mouth + Food and Wine.

Food and Wine is partnering with Mouth to showcase the top choices of products that F&W is curated monthly.  New products, new must haves and I dare anyone to spend less than 20 minutes on the site salivating over all the tasty products.

When I think about Mouth and what they are building I think this way.  Personal gifts, corporate gift giving and of course the most important gift is one for myself.  The best crackers, the best jerky, the best chocolates, the most unique collection of liquors, cheeses and…need I go on?

Click through and get a few goodies delivered to your home to start.  You will not be disappointed.  The packaging and branding is spot on too.

In full transparency I am an investor in

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  1. Brandon Burns

    A friend of mine who is a film producer had to get gifts for some folks apart of a foodie-related production. I recommended Mouth. He liked the site, but wanted more info about the products than what he could see on the site, so he found a phone number and called them up. He said that he had never dealt with such great people before, and that the service was stellar. He and his studio are now frequent repeat customers. I just hope I’m next on the gift recipient list!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Love that! There is more content now about the makers

    2. LE

      but wanted more info about the products than what he could see on the siteSee and I’m a different type of customer. I want the site to allow me to make the safe decisions where I can’t fall to far. [1] Without having to read and without having to think. Don’t want to many choices either. Like being late and having to pick up a bottle of wine at the wine store.[1] My dad used to have chain store buyers do this at gift shows. They walk into his booth and say “we have $x to spend just give us your best sellers”. (They’d never buy all the merchandise they needed from 100 vendors in 3 days if they “drayed” over the details.)

  2. Eric Woods

    Thanks for sharing. I need to investigate this for my food biz, as we’ve been featured in F&W.

  3. daryn

    Congrats! I’ve become a huge fan of mouth (as you predicted I would).

    1. Gotham Gal

      I knew you would!! lol

  4. LE

    Just ordered the “Olive and Parmesan Tapenade – Olive & Parmesan Tapenade”. The key was this ad copy: Come on, what’s better than creamy cheese paired with the mellow salt of olives?”Paired with capers (and I just had lunch so it’s not because I’m even hungry).One thing I’d like to see on the site (Hi Craig) is a category called “business gifts” where you can choose by price level and have a quick and easy way to send a gift (from that price point) with the minimum amount of effort along with a personalized note.

  5. AG

    Always been curious about what made you invest in the company originally, and I can’t recall whether you blogged about it in the past. Who is there ideal customer and is there a large enough client base for sites like this or (in a slightly different vein) food52’s provisions. Why do you think Gilt Taste did not last in comparison?

    1. Gotham Gal

      Being able to sell indie food products from one site is powerful especially when you include dairy and liquor. It is totally different than Provisions which sells mostly physical goods vs food.

      1. pointsnfigures

        would be cool if the govt would allow for the sale of fermented food. cutting edge trend that is happening now. unfortunately, it’s illegal.

  6. awaldstein

    Usually a pile on enthusiast for all local and indie, i find myself perplexed a bit over this one.Have no idea what Indie means but couldn’t discover their curation criteria except what they like.That’s fine of course, but they are building a category for curation and can’t determine what it is.

    1. Gotham Gal

      authentic brands.