NewCo returns to NYC

originalI participated in the OpenCo conference last year in NYC.   They have now changed their name to NewCo and are returning to NYC October 1-2.

What I really like about this conference is that is an “inside out” event.  The city becomes the event space.  Attendees can will go to companies around the city who have signed up to be a host.  They will spend roughly an hour touring the offices, talking about their product/vision and that is a bonus for the company and the attendees.

Companies that have participated in the past were anything from small start-ups with 10 people to Google, Dropbox and a museum.

NewCo is currently looking for mission driven companies to participate this fall.  You can apply here.  The application is due by July 29th.

Highly recommend opening up your doors to this.  It is smart and different.  The proof is in the pudding.  This year they will have more than 750 companies participate in 8 cities.


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  1. awaldstein

    I like this.”mission driven’ though is a curious choice of words.Is there something special in that phrase