Brooklyn Bangers, Phin and Phebes and Foody Direct

brooklynbangersI got an email from Phin and Phebes announcing that they just launched on Foody Direct.   Foody Direct is an online platform where some of the best products from bakeries, meat shops and some specialty food producers can run their ecommerce business without having to build it out.  It is smart.  It is a pure drop-ship platform and Foody Direct gives the consumer access to these products and just takes a piece of the transaction.

We had a bunch of people out so I decided to do a little shopping online.  I bought burgers from Pat LaFrieda, ice cream from Phin and Phebes, Chocolate Babka from Breads Bakery and Brooklyn Bangers.

The master mind behind Brooklyn Bangers is Saul Bolton and Ben Daitz.  Ben is also the co-founder of Num Pang where we are investors.  I completely forgot about that.  Ben shot me an email after receiving the order to confirm it was me before adding an array of dogs to try.  The products are amazing.  Knackwurst, Bratwurst, Kielbasa, Num Pang dog, all beef Hot Dog and more.  I see that beef jerky is coming soon.  Love beef jerky.

We tasted them all and one is better than the other.  The burgers were also top, the ice cream was destroyed later in the evening and the babka was a breakfast favorite.  Nothing better than having all your favorites in your refrigerator.