Childcare is key

imgresThe first Womens Entrepreneur Festival took place almost 5 years ago.  We provided day care the first year.  We might have done it on a Saturday which is why we thought it was essential to have childcare.  It was essential.  It is actually always essential.

I can not tell you how many people that resonated with.  I even recently got a note from a woman who has attended for several years noting how many people she had met and has built her own community through the festival.  She also mentioned that her son still talks about his day at the conference.  Having childcare allowed her to attend the festival without having to worry.  It also gave her something to talk to her son about because they attended together.  A total win win for everyone.

There was an article in the NYX recently about Child Care for the Overwhelmed.  There has also been a few editorials written in regards to the insanity of parents being “ratted on” to authorities about things that I am not so sure would have been called out even ten years ago.  For instance, someone takes their kid on an interview because they have no other choice.  A parent runs in to a store for 5 minutes to pick up something and leaves their kids locked in the car.  Not locked in the car for 8 hours but 5 minutes.  You get the point.

People who are having a hard time making the numbers work every month particularly working mothers need safe local care for their children.  It is just not readily available and many of the ones that exist are not monitored for their services and facilities.  Even large companies with thousands of people working for them just expect you to figure out health care.  How many parents can hardly wait until their kids begin school full time so they do not have to worry about where they are and how they will be taken care of 8 hours a day so they can get to work to make an income to keep the family afloat.

I know Obamacare has been controversial although I am a huge fan.  If 40% of the American workforce will be categorized as freelancers then certainly having accessible insurance is of the utmost importance.  Otherwise the drain on our resources will continue to be huge as most of the money spent on healthcare is done when someone gets sick not having a check-up.

There should be something passed for the ability to have national Childcare program.  It is broad state by state but we have to recognize the millions of people out there who are scrambling to make ends meet and have zero support system for their children so they can earn the resources that they need.

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  1. pointsnfigures

    Not a fan of Obamacare nor would I be a fan of nationalized day care. But, I am very sensitive to the plight of parents and childcare. I think there are lots of ways out of this predicament without federal intervention. I invested in a company tackling just this problem: am surprised by all the stories I have seen about supposed “child abuse” lately. Someone was arrested for letting their kid walk to the park. I would have been in jail for a century or two for letting my kids take the city bus to school!I am very very concerned about the weird way in which society wants us to raise kids today. I remember sending my kids to camp for a month in the summer and having other parents ask me if I truly “loved” my children because I wasn’t with them driving them from activity to activity.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I agree with you in regards to parenting. Very concerning

  2. Caitlin

    What are your thoughts on Pre-K expansion?

    1. Gotham Gal

      fantastic. do it!