The last time I was in Barcelona was the first time.  It was 8 years ago and I came with my Mom and Josh.  Josh was 10 years old.  My Mom took a trip with each of our kids when they turned 10.  I came along too.  It was fun to go back and read those posts before we got here.  Many of the restaurants we went to are still some of the ones to go to today.

coffeethismorningWe got up and went for a much needed coffee.  I forgot how insanely strong the coffee is in Spain.  This place was just about coffee.  It is called Nomad Coffee Productions.

topofdepartmentstoreBarcelona and I believe most of Spain is a late town.  Dinners start late and in turn so does the day.  We walked over to the Contemporary Museum of Art but it was not open until 11.  So instead we walked over to the main department store, El Corte Ingles, where you can go to the top and get the views of the city.  The windows were filthy so the pic isn’t great.

modernartThen we headed back to the museum.  Really wonderful building.

chokWe thought we’d check out some galleries today and we headed over to a gallery.  On the way there we stopped in this tiny chocolate shop called Chok.  I love how they did the donuts on the wall.

artgallery1We got to Artevistas Gallery.  They basically carry a combo of young artists work.

It was finally time for lunch.  I think that Mercat de la Bouqueria is one of the best markets in the world.  A few more markets have opened around Barcelona such as Mercado de San Miguel, Mercardo de San Anton and Mercato de San Ildefenso.  Each are a little different as some have produce and others just small restaurants.  Maybe we will go to them but the Mercat de la Bouqueria is key.  We snagged two seats at Bar Pinoxto and had lunch.  There are a handful of places to sit down and eat in the Mercato but I think this is one of the best.

chickepeasWe had four dishes.  Chick peas with a slight cinnamon flavor.

cuttlefishbeansTiny pieces of squid with white beans.

razorclamsRazor clams

hakeHake.  Each dish was just simple and well cooked.

cafeconlecheHad to have the cafe con leche to end the meal.  They do a really good one here.

peppersThen we walked the market.  Fish, peppers, fruit, juices, meats, chickens…you name it.

juicesHere are the juices.  There are several others.

jelliesCandies too.

paprikaI picked up some paprikas.

porksGotta love the four large jambons waiting to be sliced.

boughtartWe walked over to an area that has a handful of art galleries.  It is now getting super warm outside.  There is a reason people take siestas in Spain.  We bought this piece and it will be interesting getting it back.  It is all wrapped up now and it appears that I am carrying a baguette.

Nothing else rocked our boat.  We had been walking for about 6 hours and decided to call it a day.


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  1. Cecelia Feld

    I wanted to send you info on the Chilida Sculpture Park near San Sebastion which we visited the last time we were in Spain. Alas, it is no longer open due to lack of funds to maintain it. You would have loved it. Hope you get to Gaudi’s Park Guell in Barcelona.

  2. Wabi Sabi Ecofashionconcept

    Look at this. You are in Spain and Im in NYC. If you are staying longer and want some recommendations of things to see and places to eat, especially if you are going to visit more places in Spain, just drop me a line and Ill be glad to make some suggestions. Have a good trip.

  3. leeschneider

    Pinoxto is probably one of my favorite places to eat in the world. Great food in a wild setting. Never to early in the morning for a cortado washed down with a glass of cava. We make it a priority to eat there every time (multiple times!) when we are in Barcelona. We finally managed to track down his cookbook in Spanish (vs. Catalan) last time we were there. Tried to make the chickpea dish back home and it wasn’t quite the same.

    1. Gotham Gal

      If you figure it out let me know. They probably soak those chick peas for days before baking them. I think they probably soak them, then roast them and then fry them up with a few shallots and seasonings. what those seasonings are I am not sure. definitely a cinnamon flavor in there.

    2. Manuel

      Pinotxo is Ok, but take a look about what we the locals prefer in Boqueria, and not only the locals……Tripadvisor is quite clear about it. Quim has working hard and today is amazing the creativity he cook. He just opened in Hong Kong.Not easy to say the best places in terms of food, but some of the best tapas and cooked dishes seated in a bar in Barcelona: 1) Quim 2) Ca´l Pep and…3) Cova Fumada, oldest tapas Bar in Barcelona managed by 3 generations of family.Enjoy

    3. Fernando Gutierrez

      For a Spanish cooking book I recommend this one:…It’s a classic. My mother gave it to me when I left home and it has been a bestseller for decades. No fancy recipes, mostly traditional cooking, but it’s a great starting point to experiment afterwards. This edition is beautifully illustrated and in English. I’ve given it to several American friends interested in cooking and they loved it… or so they say 🙂

      1. leeschneider

        Thanks Fernando. It’s now on my wish list. Birthday coming up…

  4. Sofia Papastamelos

    If you enjoy contemporary art there is also the museums for Antoni Tapies and Pablo Picasso (although the Picasso museum has mostly a lot of his earlier work.) There are so many wonderful restaurants in Barca but nothing beats the amazing sandwiches from this place:… A great snack to eat by the water!Nearby is also this tiny little Xanpanieria where you can order great chorizo, ham, croquetas, etc. They only serve two drinks: water and cava. It’s always packed but worth it!

  5. William Mougayar

    Walking 6 hours is helpful after all these meals 🙂 How are Fred’s blisters doing?

  6. suesol

    love this piece!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Thanks for chiming in!