Como and Il Gatto Nero

outsideroomWe got up, opened the windows and what do we see?  Beauty.

churchDecided to take a journey into Como in the morning and perhaps have lunch.   Of course there is the main church built in 1100.

churchinsideI always find it amazing walking inside the churches to see what was built hundreds of years ago.

duomoThere is also a duomo that sits in a huge piazza.

lakeThe streets are narrow and ramble so that all of them at one point end up at the lake.

There really isn’t much to see just to take in the sheer beauty of the place and inhale the fresh air.  Instead of just strolling more we made our way back to the hotel for lunch and some more reading by the lake.  Insanely relaxed.

grattoneroviewWe really had yet to have an amazing meal here.  Gatto Nero was by far the best meal we have had.  The hotels food left a lot to be desired.  Located above Lake Como the view are absolutely stunning.  This is what we looked out at while we dined.

iberioWe started out with two appetizers.  Iberico ham that was really just perfect.

shrimpcarpShrimp carpaccio paired with thinly sliced pieces of orange, dollops of burrata and of course plenty of olive oil.  This was really good.  Cheese usually doesn’t work with seafood but here it could not have been better and the orange flavoring just hit the spot.

lasagnaWe split lasagna for the pasta course.  Way too heavy on the bechamel sauce.

sucklingpigFor our meals we opted for meat this time.  The pics aren’t great.  Still figuring out how to use the new camera.  Fred went with the suckling pig.  Roasted perfectly with a crispy piece of skin over the top and a mix of mashed potatoes underneath.

vealI had a classic veal milanese topped with arugula and cherry tomatoes.  Light and crispy.

We talked about how we have yet had a really good meal.  The reality is that we are spoiled rotten when it comes to eating.  We live in a city with amazing culinary choices and I love to cook and bake.  Thirty years ago when people went to Europe every thing you ate was amazing but it is no longer like that as good creative food has become a global treat.  I am sure we will have several good meals but so far the shrimp carpaccio is the best thing we have had.