Oustau Bauminere

cloudsWe actually did go out for dinner after an epic lunch….and we had an epic dinner.  Our fear of not finding great food has been put to rest.  We went to dinner at Oustau Bauminere located in a hotel down the road from ours.  The hotel is so old and beautiful.  On the way over to our dinner we pulled over to take a picture of the sky.  The light here is incredible.  No wonder Van Gogh and many of the impressionist painters hung out in Provence.

startersOur meal started out on the sprawling back porch underneath hundred year old trees sipping rose champagne and tasting these three delicacies from the kitchen.   A bite of foie gras, a melt in your mouth savory cream treat and a crunchy cigar filled with pieces of rye seeds.

restaurantThe restaurant inside is just beautiful.  Built sometime in the 1700’s.

ravioliWe did not do the chefs tasting but ordered a la carte.  Definitely the way to go considering what we had for lunch!  Leek stuff ravioli with truffles.  Actually quite light.

crab saladCrab stuffed vegetable ravioli wrap with small dollops of cucumber coriander cream.  On the side is a rich broccoli sauce with edible flowers.  This was also quite light and all the flavors were super subtle.

wineThis vineyard is on the way to Baux de Provence, the area we are in.  We are only drinking wines from the areas we are in.  Fred is buying a case of each wine we drink and like from our local wine guy and having them delivered to our house.  When we get back I fear how many cases of wine we will have.

pigeonI had to have the pigeon based on the last pigeon dish I had.  This was amazing too.  Crispy legs and a perfectly cooked breast wrapped in a light potato fondue sauce.  Delicious.

porkAll different types of pork.  Pork chops, bacon, suckling pig, etc.  Quite a feast.

cheesGotta love the cheese cart.  We tried a few.

candied fruitWe passed on this but it is quite cool.  The cart of candied fruits and vegetables.  They take one month to make essentially sucking out every bit of water from the fruit or vegetable and then turning them into candy.

sweetsOf course the small grouping of treats.  Such a wonderful evening.  The chef came out and went to each table too.  I always love that.  We are already plotting on how we must return to Oustau Bauminere.

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  1. William Mougayar

    “fear of not finding great food” . I have that same fear constantly,- what would it be called “badfoodphobia” 🙂 ?Kidding aside, Barcelona has some of the most exciting and creative food choices. From the OA list, in Barcelona: 41 Degrees Experience (the 41 stands for 41 courses), Tickets, Koy Shunka, Cinc Sentis, Alkimia, Rias de Galicia, Abac.

  2. kirklove

    Que genial!!! Se ve delicioso. Quiero todo.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Wait until u see the Japanese Peruvian place

      1. kirklove

        I saw a few of Busters. Damn Sam I’m a jealous man. Enjoy!

      2. William Mougayar


  3. pointsnfigures

    looks awesome