In the winter of 2012 I went with a friend to Mexico City for a few days.  Loved the trip and loved the city.  One of the restaurants we went to was Pujol.  She went back with her family a year later and returned to Pujol.  The group and chef behind Pujol ventured out of Mexico and made their way into NYC and opened Cosme.  My friend scored a reservation on the second night they were open.  Always wary of a meal at a place where the paint has barely dried but was excited to go regardless.

cosme.0.0_standard_800.0We got there at 7pm and they did not have our reservation in the system.  My friend took our her phone and showed them the confirmed reservation.  So yes they sat us.  Originally at the one long shared high top table in the back but we resisted and got our own seat.  We were a bit concerned that the rest of the meal might be just as unorganized.  We were dead wrong.

15378633256_b3f78225b1_h.0.0_cinema_350.0The restaurant has a concrete floor and ceiling.  A large bar and bar tables in front and that is separated by a wall where the dining room is located.  Very soothing grey colors almost flat.  The noise level is loud but there is a definite chic yet gritty vibe just like Mexico City.

chipsThe menu is tight with three separate options yet the expectation is that everyone shares or not.  We ordered 5 things and of course tequilla.  They bring over a large airy crispy chip with a spicy ground pepita seed dip on the side.  Really good dip.

musselsOur first thing out of the kitchen was the mussel tostada.  A large chip (the same that we were served to start instead of a bread basket) with salad and I think some potatoes mixed with a Russian dressing that uses chipotle mayonnaise for a kick and then mussels served over the top.  It is excellent.  A really interesting mixture of flavors and textures.  We are thinking right now that this might be a really good meal.

octoWith this comes out an octopus cocktail.  Plump poached pieces of octopus served with a purple occidental corn atole, slices of red onion and pieces of avocado.  Mexican ceviche.  Another winner.

tomalFrom the “salad” type selections we had a tamal.  Sauteed wrapped as a leaf stuffed with a rice mixture ( I believe ) with ricotta,  tomato salsa and a few pieces of cilantro on top.  Amazing.  A really interesting twist on a tamal.

chilaquilesFor our mains we split two things although you can tell from the size that they are not so large.  Chilquiles with salsa rojo, queso fresco and a runny egg.  Chips that become almost soft when you mix all the content of the bowl together.  It is a great share for the table.  We licked the bowl clean.

meatA very well sourced NY strip steak with pan fried shisitos and an avocado tarragon puree.  I am not a huge fan of tarragon but this was insanely subtle.  The dip tasted fresh and light.

dessertDessert was a must and this dessert is off the charts.  A meringue, cut in half and stuffed with a very eggy custard.  The melt in your mouth meringue with the custard was over the top.

I can hardly wait to go back.  Having a real deal Mexican restaurant where the flavors are unique, seasonal and light at the same time is a win win for NYC.   I hope the kitchen can keep this up.


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  1. kirklove

    Booked through December already! But, I sweet talked the hostess into nabbing me a spot as it’s where Lili wants to most go for her birthday in November. Looks great. The wife always had better taste than me 😉

    1. Gotham Gal

      Let me know what u think. As you read, I loved it

  2. AG

    Food looks amazing, not feeling the decor from the pic, but can’t wait to try it out.