Mulino a vino

Mulino a vino opened to just a little fanfare.  The chef, David Scabin comes directly to us from Piedmonte where he is known for his creative scientific menu at Combal.Zero.  When we traveled around Europe we did not get there but it was definitely on the radar.  When I saw that a new restaurant opened up in our neighborhood from Combal.Zero I figured we should give it a try.  They are absolutely touting the Michelin star piece in their marketing although after just having eaten in several Michelin star restaurants IMHO it is not something worth touting.

restaurantThe restaurant is located under ground level so there is this intimate den feeling.  One room is a dining room.

barThe other is the bar.  The wood, the tiny European touches make you feel like you are somewhere in Piedmonte which is really nice.

san danielleThere are 13 things on the menu and you can order them in small, medium or grand portions.  Really nice for sharing.  We began with San Daniele’s Miracle.  Focaccia buns stuffed with prosciutto di San Danielle, tomato carpaccio and burrata.   The perfect Italian sandwich.

chickpeaThe next thing out was the chickpea pancake with tomato carppaccio and mozzarella foam.  The pancake was a bit thick and room temperature.  The other ingredients were basically like the last thing we had.

pastadonutOur next was the Bombolone Cacio & Pepe.  A hot salty pasta doughnut filled with pecorino cheese and black pepper cream.  A bit bready and not as fully stuffed as I would have liked to see it.  Everything kind of tasted the same.  Ever listen to some new music from an artist and you begin to think that all the songs sound the same.  That is what we were feeling about now.

ravioliThe ravioli that was filled with roasted chicken, potatoes and ricotta tossed with sauteed mushrooms and burrata cream did not wow either.  We were all expecting large raviolis to split vs this small bowl of tiny pieces.

octpNext out was the roasted octopus with cherry tomatoes, black olive and potatoes.  The octopus was really well cooked and the tomatoes were simple no shot of real taste.

lambThe last was the rack of lamb.  Roasted lamb with sauteed yellow and red peppers topped with a brodetto sauce.  Way way too heavy handed on the sauce.  I was hoping this would be the killer dish.

The place is relatively new.  The menu is interesting although each dish is not so different from the other.  I was disappointed.  The service is fantastic so I feel like maybe they just have more than a few kinks to work out in the kitchen…or maybe not.  Apologies on the terrible photos.  It was just that all the songs sounded the same.

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  1. Mario Cantin

    I was going to follow in your footsteps and use a dedicated camera for my picture-taking needs, but it turns out that I’m blown away with the pictures I get with the iPhone 6 Plus. Did you notice that wih Fred’s new iPhone, or do you still swear by the Nikon?

    1. Gotham Gal

      Might be heading in the iPhone direction

      1. William Mougayar

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  2. William Mougayar

    Hmm…judging by the photos, I would have been disappointed too. How was the wine pairing though?