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There are some people who are just insanely talented.  They come out of the womb that way.  Jessica Alba is one of them.  She is not only drop dead gorgeous and quite the actress but sharp, passionate and obviously has a head for business too.   I know this because my brother has been working on a campaign for The Honest Company.  Every meeting he goes to, she is there too.  The office place has no walls and she sits in one of the desks in the office with everyone else.

Essentially when Alba was pregnant she wanted to create a clean toxic free environment for her baby.  I have met with other women entrepreneurs who have built products based on the same desires.  She took time and began to take a deep dive into developing products that would be what she wanted to use for her baby.  She was passionate about it and funded it with her own cash.  That alone says something coming from stardom. She has created a movement.

Fast forward she got $70m in funding and the company has a few hundred employees and the revenues continue to sky rocket.  These videos capture things that Alba is thinking about.  It is something that all mothers think about from feeling guilty about going to work, to balancing life and work to just talking with other women about all of the issues that they never thought about until they became a Mom.

Take a look at the videos.  They are not long.  They are well done.

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  1. AMT Editorial Staff

    Timing of your post is interesting. I just emailed company last week asking @ shipping costs. Considering the free trial and a monthly “bundle”. Have you used the products? Do you Green Clean?

    1. Gotham Gal

      I have been watching. I do believe we use some of the products. I love the whole concept of good for the environment and good for you.