Women Bake Bread Scholarship, Hot Bread Kitchen goes live on Kickstarter


I still remember sitting down with Jessamyn for a coffee in the Union Square area for an hour that turned into two.  I was so impressed with her and the mission of HBK.  I told her I was saying no to any involvement with non-profits right now but was very interested in what she was doing.  Fast forward I joined the board and eventually became the Board Chair. So much for saying no.

It has been a really interesting few years.  I feel pretty comfortable saying that I have learned as much from Jessamyn and she has learned from me.  HBK is truly hitting its stride.  It is exciting.

We are launching at Kickstarter project today that will support scholarships for the women who bake our breads.  Our mission is truly about the women who join HBK as bakers.  We train them to bake, we have weekly classes to help them with speaking English, how to work in a company, etc.   We have a curriculum based mission that works.  Some of them have moved on to work at name brand bakeries such as Daniel Boulud, others have gone on to become entrepreneurs with their own products and others have pursued high education.  Making a difference in these women’s lives makes an impact on their families, their children and their communities.  For their young children who are first generation Americans see their Mom feel good about what she is doing every day sends a positive message that has huge impact down the line.

Please support our project.  After all, you do get some fantastic products for your support and you can’t beat that.


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  1. AG

    So fantastic! What do you think has been the key to HBK’s success

    1. Gotham Gal

      great question. the woman who started it is the key to their success. she is passionate about the mission, the bread and the whole thing.