A late night

saladThe problem with many of the bands we are liking at the moment is that they come on stage at 11pm.  I like the concept of early to bed, early to rise but once in awhile all rule are meant to be broken.

We started out at Uncle Boon’s for dinner.  The bar seat gods were with us because we walked in at 830 and there were two empty seats sitting at the bar.  We have been back a few times.  The food here is excellent and some dishes are seriously spicy.  This is Yum Kai Hua Pli, spicy rotisserie chicken, banana blossom salad with cashews, crispy shallots and a roasted chili dressing.  Heat is guaranteed to come out of your ears.  I highly recommend the short ribs too.

bandNext stop was the Bowery Ballroom which is still one of my all time favorite places to see music.  We had tickets for something there Friday night too but exhaustion set in and so we went with the early to bed mantra that night.  There are many things you learn going to concerts over the years and certainly going back to the same venue.  That is how to sneak up the back and push yourself thru the crowd to get to the end of the balcony so that you have a clear vision of the stage.  Being 5’2″ it is not only great, it is a necessity.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. is who we went to see.  Have been listening to them since their first CD came out.  Although we don’t use CD’s but stream our music not exactly sure what else to call it.  It’s a Corporate World and Horsepower came out in 2010/11 and the Speed of Things came out in 2013.  I recommend them all.

The only issue with the late night is that it does not mean that you still don’t get up at the crack of dawn.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Susan Rubinsky

    That’s what afternoon naps are for 🙂

    1. Gotham Gal

      Lol. Exactly!

  2. Ivana

    You can call it an album.

  3. JAJones

    Bowery, Irving Plaza and Mercury Lounge are my 3 favorite venues. Although since I live in Williamsburg I spend more time at Brooklyn Bowl and MHOW nowadays.

    1. Gotham Gal

      All good small venues

  4. pointsnfigures

    My frame is more suited to concerts, but I wish I could transform myself into you when I got on an airplane!

  5. kirklove

    Boons & Bowery is a potent one-two combo. Well-played.And DEJJ!!! #WeAlmostLostDetroit 😉