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  1. Susan Rubinsky


  2. LE

    Many years ago I thought of an idea where POTUS would get up on a podium and say, “oh and one more thing the word “FUCK” is no longer offensive and no longer has a negative and/or sexual connotation”.That never happened of course.Personally (then) I find this film inappropriate and while it’s definitely a great PR gimmick I wonder how many people would show it to their 10 year old. I wouldn’t. Or a 17 year old either.It uses the shock value and comedy juxtaposition to make a point … which is valid but that doesn’t make the delivery of the point (using 4 letter words) justified.I just don’t like the way it’s making the point. I don’t think the way to gain respect is by making what appears to be jokes in the above fashion. And so many of them.Here’s the thing. If you are trying to get someone to make change or accept your thoughts and correct a bias you do it through logic and intelligence. You don’t do it like this.If a woman goes in and asks for a raise (and is turned down) would anyone think that slinging “f” words is the next step? “Fuck you I want a raise I’m fucking worth it!”. Of course not. Or a man. Or a minority.Lastly, for shock value they could have made the same point by perhaps using the f word two times (at the start and at the end) and had the rest be done in a more intelligent fashion. Not laced throughout the entire piece. (So I’m willing to compromise in other words because of the PR value but not to go overboard.)

    1. Gotham Gal

      I think my first word was shit. Alas

      1. LE

        You were totally meant to be a New Yorker from birth no doubt. It actually surprised me to find out you weren’t born there. (Not the same with Fred he seems midwest to me..) New Yorkers are great over the phone. I can talk at full machine speed and not lose them. People from other parts of the country I need to slow down it’s kind of annoying.Separately, I vaguely remember the yiddish from my Dad “cocky yuen” which means roughly “shit on you” or some close to that put down.Now that I’m thinking about I didn’t hear any 4 letter words in the house growing up. But plenty of yiddish with equal or greater meaning.

  3. AG

    Definitely provocative in some sense, and it got me thinking, so maybe it did the trick. That said, I’m not sure I love it and think the messaging could have been better, especially when it came to juxtaposing rape and pay inequality. Leaving rape out of an ad like this would have made more sense to me. And as a side note, I also thought it was too long.