Let’s hope for change in the medical world

imgresOn Friday night I started coughing about 9pm.  No idea where that came from but I was obviously getting sick.  Could be that I have run myself ragged the last month, it could be the change of weather, it could be a variety of things.  That night I woke up a few nights wheezing.  I was a bit concerned.  The next morning Fred said you were wheezing all night long.  Ugh.

We were out at the beach so I made sure I was the first person at the local clinic when it opened on Saturday morning.  It is a great clinic that I found out later has been run by several groups.  It is changing hands one more time in January and being run by the hospital in Southhampton.  It is hard to make money on the clinic and each group got tired of all the back end of running the business vs the real business at hand; treating patients.

Anyway, I got in quickly and saw a young energetic doctor.  She called in some meds and gave me a treatment while I was there.  It was really efficient.  We started to talk about how difficult it is to make money as a doctor and how these clinics, although great, are financial losers.  She was working at the clinic on the weekends and worked somewhere else practicing medicine during the week.

I told her about Captureproof.  Captureproof is HIPAA approved (which is key for doctors) so she could track and follow patients through the app after the initial visit which based on the results that CP has got it cuts down on the second visits by 80% and saves insurance companies almost 80%.  That is a win win for everyone.  The doctor wanted to understand how she would get paid on the second visit if it was through a photo and a quick message.  I didn’t know the answer but I am assuming that she will gets paid a co-pay based on the insurance.

This doctor has $300K in debt.  She went into medicine because she loved it and wanted to help people.  We need more people like her and yet our medical system remains a mess.  She is not only dealing with providing care she is dealing with the front end of a business to make sure she makes money.  That includes chasing down insurance companies for the co-pay.  It is utterly ridiculous.  We need to make doctors lives seamless so they can concentrate on what they set out to do and that is not being a business person.

I look at Captureproof, and have been part of the journey signing up hundreds of doctors including Blue Cross Blue Shield and Kaiser Permanente.  I hear the data that comes back to help make the medical world more affordable and seamless.  This is the beginning of a massive change that will happen over the next ten years.  Technology will hopefully allow doctors to be doctors and make sure that every one has access to preventive healthcare.  At least let’s hope so.