Paris Photography Show

I promised Jen Bekman a year ago that I would go to the Paris Photography show.  She has been going every year for the past seven years.  Her love of the art, business, competition and winning is impressive.  20X200 is her business that evolved after she opened her gallery with a desire to support artists through editions of their work.

She has given younger artists an opportunity to make more income (one thing that is rarely spoken about in the art world) and she has given more mature well known artists such as William Wegman and the Starn Brothers the opportunity to hang in locations of art lovers who can not afford their original work.  Jen set out to make art affordable for everyone.  It has not been the easiest road but as I said, she doesn’t like to give up.
 The Paris Photography show was fantastic.  Besides that fact that there are over 160 booths of photography from modern to vintage the show takes place at the Grand Palais which makes this show even more spectacular.  Some of the new work being done by artists is incredible.  We spent four and a half hours there.  Not only are there galleries and galleries showing incredible work there are booths of art books.  Editions and re-prints from all over the globe.
rogerHere are some of the highlights.  Roger Balken, Galerie Karsten Greve Paris. Dark but insanely haunting but I could not take my eyes off of his work.
christineChristiane Feser, Feldbush Wiesner.  I bought one of these.  I love how there are so many steps to take these pieces.  They have an architectural feel through the cuttings of each photo to see both sides of the work.  I felt lucky to get one.  They were sold out after the show had only been open for 30 minutes to VIP passes.  Someone decided that they had purchased too much and relinquished one to me.
karenknorrThis photograph I took doesn’t capture these photos.  This is sold as a set.  Each black and white photograph has a hilarious saying underneath that captures the photo.   Karen Knorr
windowsThis was an installation of 8 large photographs all of open windows in beautiful rooms overlooking different alley ways of cities, Marie Bovo.
michaelreischMy friend sent me to see this artist, Michael Reisch at Scheublein Bak.  I bought this one.  So beautiful and sexy.
joakumA Swedish artist, Joakim Eneroth.  All photographs of nature with balls in every single one of his photos even ones in the winter.  Don’t love the way they are finished on this fabric but I do like the photos.
sharoncoreSharon Core, Yancey Richardson.  I have been watching this artist for years finally pulling the trigger here.  I really like this new body of work.  Organic and natural.
riverseiresThese were picked up by a museum.  All taken in Tokyo of buildings built over canals.  Naoya Hatakeyama from the Sage Gallery in Paris.
jewsFrederic Brenner took these photographs of Haisidam families in Israel at home, in airports,  I love this piece.
William Eggelston at Gaggosian.  This print had never been made before.  Only one to be bought, the other to a museum.  Classic.  You can see Eggleston’s shadow in the photo taking the shot.
timeoutJulie Blackmon, Robert Mann Gallery is from Missouri.  She sets up photos of children and takes shots.  Kind of like Crewdson but different.  This is called “Time Out”.
martinparA classic shot by Martin Parr.  Still thinking of this one.
photoI hemmed and hawed on this and then pulled the trigger.  These are by Matt Brandt, the second piece we own of his.  He took photos of old instamatic film and then made it look used and old.  It is super cool.  A one off.
yvesYves Marchand and Roman Meffe who took a series of photographs of old large stadiums and theaters.  This is the Paramount Theater in Brooklyn.  So cool.  I picked this up too.
booksAnd the books.  We were so exhausted by then but I did manage to pick up a few great books. A small edition of the works of David Benjamin Sherry, Daniel Gordon, Sharon Core and others.
It was quite the day.  Made our way over to Bones for dinner, my second time and not my last.  The meal was perfect from start to finish.  Had to go back the next day but thinking I might have to return next year.

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  1. CCjudy

    Great photograph by the great Eggleston. Thank you J

  2. Jen Bekman

    Felt the whirlwind all over again reading through your post. I’m so glad you enjoyed the show as much as I do! Hoping that I can convince you to make it an annual outing. 🙂

  3. TanyaMonteiro