The future of advertising

We were talking about billboard advertising at a recent board meeting and one of the members showed us this ad in a Stockholm subway stop.  It is pretty awesome.


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  1. leigh

    Yah, LOVE that ad. But in general, I see the numbers with our clients decreasing for OOH (out of home). The complexity of combining a creative idea with the medium/space/place makes it too complex for most clients and their agencies to utilize consistently. Sure digital media will change this, but advertising doesn’t evolve that quickly. A lot of the tech to personalize digital OOH has existed for a long time and the adoption seems slow.

    1. Susan Rubinsky

      It’s about cost. Only big brands can really do this kind of advertising.

      1. Gotham Gal

        I am sure. Major dollars at least for now.

        1. pointsnfigures

          “at least for now”-eventually the major cost will be the space, not the tech in the space.

    2. LE

      What’s interesting is that the cost is almost certainly in the “creative” and not the technology or sensors.

  2. johndodds

    It’s very clever but I’m always a bit sceptical about things ike this. All too often they’re about generating media coverage more than attracting attention although there’s nothing wrong with that. The videos always show smiling kids looking at them, but if you check out the wide shots most of the commuters are doing what commuters do when a train arrives, i.e. looking at the train.That said, I think regular roadside billboards are one of the traditional media that isn’t going to go away exactly because they are appealing to an attention that will not disappear until driverless cars arrive. Fish where the fish are and fish when they’re likely to bite.

    1. Susan Rubinsky

      These kinds of ads and even old school static billboards are highly effective. It’s about frequency and reach. I have some clients who get lots of success from this type of advertising.

  3. LE

    It’s attention grabbing for sure but if it becomes ubiquitous people will tune it out like they tune out anything they become acclimated to. [1] Banner ads for example that have motion are better than static ones but after a while you still tend to tune most of those out, right?That said it definitely appears to be a neat gimmick and has value. And will get attention for those who go that route. Not to mention the PR value for early adopters.[1] Along the same lines there is a sign at the front of the commercial condo that I have an office at. At the last board meeting I pushed to have the sign redone (I own multiple units and a few are vacant) even offering to pay for the repainting myself. The manager called the sign company and they said “that sign is fine it’s in great condition!”. I said the point is to change it and freshen it up so it’s not tuned out by potential renters and owners driving by. I’m actually amazed at how many people don’t understand this concept. In the end the board agreed with me and they are repainting.

  4. pointsnfigures



    Regardless of the other comments, I love it!