Bones and L’Affable

We were back in Paris this week with a brief hop over to Berlin in the middle.  This particular trip is quite nice to return to hold haunts with no agenda.

We had dinner at L’Affable and Bones again.  I think this is my fourth time to Bones which is up there with one of my top places to eat.  Here are some highlights from both places.


I had this amazing white fish carpaccio at L’Affable.


One of the nicest things about Bones besides the fantastic vibe and incredible food is that your decision making is minor.  You choose from two entrees and everything else is part of the meal.  You do get to decide on dessert vs cheese so one other decision to made.  I love that.  Do not shy away from the bread at Bones.  It is utterly delicious.

sashimi bones

We began with a plate of thinly sliced house-made charcuterie.  This came next, hamachi sashimi with a lemon cream.  Over the top.


We each got an oyster that had a celery citron flavor on top.

musselsAlso a very spicy Moroccan flavored smoked mussel.

Will most definitely be returning to both of these restaurants again and again.

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  1. Yinka!

    The mussels look so delicious!

  2. Susan Rubinsky

    I want those oysters!