Flea Market in Paris


I have been going out to the flea markets in Paris for years.  The prices have gone up, up, up, up.  I still believe all good vintage goes to die in Paris.  There is amazing jewelry, modern furniture, ceramics, etc.  You can always haggle with the vendors like we did.  The key is going to the right spots all located at the Saint-Ouen Flea market

l'eclaireurThe places I like to go to are on Rue de Rosiers.  Habitat 1964 was our first stop.  It probably is quite the rocking area when the weather gets warmer.  This is a design/fashion concept between vintage Conran furniture and retailer l’Éclaireur.  I am a big fan of L’Eclaireur as they have several shops in Paris, each different.  This is a photo of inside the L’Eclaireur shop.

habitat196This is inside Habitat.  In this industrial complex there is also a Buvette to get something to eat or drink and a taco truck.  I hate to use the word Brooklynized but that is exactly what it feels like.  A very hip happening place with a bit of grit.  Only open on weekends and holidays.


Down the street are the other worthwhile markets.  Serpette, Paul Bert and Dauphine.  We hit up Serpette and Paul Bert.

tabeThere are mixtures of old and new.  This was a very cool desk.


A painting.


This vendor had incredible ceramics at very expensive prices but well worth it.

tablebathroomThought about this table.


Picked up these feet.

lunchfleaThis restaurant is sitting inside the middle of the market providing food for all the vendors.  It is like the local cafeteria and they deliver to everyone.

statueThis statue is actually an outdoor bird cage.

A great morning.  Cold but fun.  Fred said we should have just rented a van and filled it up.  There is always next time.

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  1. awaldstein

    Like the birdcage sculpture.Been eyeing a Guy Dill piece for a long time. Just no more wall space and no more room.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I loved it too.