Hello Clue, Ida Tin

I was at Le Web last week for the very beginning of the conference but wasn’t able to stay past that.  I was super excited that Ida Tin, the co-founder of Hello Clue was going to be on stage to talk about why she built Hello Clue and her vision. There are handfuls of period trackers but this can be more than a period tracker.

Let’s say you start your period and you begin tracking that on your app.  You continue to track your body from then on through your life.  See a world when you won’t need the pill but can know 100% when to get pregnant and not get pregnant through this app.  It will be your contraception.  Then you can track your pregnancy.  That will be helpful because the data will be there for your next pregnancy.  You can share it with your doctor.  You can share it with your Mom, your husband, your partner.  When your pregnancy is over you go back to tracking your period.  Eventually periods end and you begin to go into menopause.  Track it.  This is data for you, data for your doctor and also data for your daughters who want to know about how your cycle works.  It is a woman’s own personal health app.  It makes sense for a woman to build this business.

Here is Ida’s talk.  Short and powerful.

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  1. TanyaMonteiro

    I totally get this business. Have been using the “period tracker” app for a few years now and it’s been a huge help to me personally. Go Ida Tin and Congratulations, this is the next level of app for sure.