Morning reads

imgres-1One of my every morning reads is Jason Hirschorn’s daily email letter that appears in my box daily.  His site is called Redef.  He aggregates the top stories that he believes are relevant in the Media/Pop/Tech sectors. His curation is great.

At the top of the email every morning is always a quote.  I loved the one this morning but I have been saving the ones that I really like.  Here are a few below.

“When I see a painting, I love the idea that it takes me away in my mind. It makes me travel in my own mind and explore different ideas. That’s why I find it difficult to explain my own work. People take it as they want to. That’s the point.”
– Haider Ackermann, on his designs

“You can only go forward by making mistakes.”
– Alexander McQueen

One of my two favorites quote has come from the late Oscar De La Renta

“If you don’t dress well every day you lose the habit”

Many years ago when he donned the last page on Vanity Fair he was asked what his all time favorite purchase was.  He simply replied “Of course my favorite purchase was my last purchase.”  Brilliant!

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  1. awaldstein

    Curation is everywhere.Curation with a point of view and personality is a rarity.(Huge Emily Dickinson fan here as ex English Teacher.)

    1. Gotham Gal


  2. William Mougayar

    Really like Redef. thanks for pointing them out. just subscribed.but i’m growing less fond of the multi-column format for consuming news. It kind of scatters your attention. I’m more leaning toward the single column chronological format and thinking about changing Startup Management’s home page that way as well.