A day in LA

We are getting into LA.  Been to a few parties, met up with some old and new friends.  It is honestly the perfect winter retreat.

loverlyWe took a little journey one day last week.  We started out at an event put on by Loverly in Culver City.  Showing my portfolio support!  Loverly is launching their ecommerce and turning their content into transactions.  It is really exciting to see where the company is now.

lacmarooftopThen we journeyed down to LACMA to see the Hollywood Costume Show and the Broad Museum.  Eli and Edythe Broad have given the LA arts world a gift building a contemporary art space and filling it with a lot of their own personal collection.  This view it from the top of the outdoor stairs that can get you from one floor to the next.

richardserraThere is nothing like a Richard Serra.  His work is always spectacular.

chrisburdenmetropolisThis piece is from Chris Burden and it is called Metropolis.  There were some young kids there.  They must have been maybe 2 at most and they were mesmerized by the structure.

markbradfordThere is one huge room with large pieces that could possibly only fit in a museum.  I am a huge fan of Mark Bradford.  Really liked this piece.

imgres-1Then we went to see the Larry Sultan exhibit.  It is the first retrospective of his with over 200 photos.  He is a Californian so it is fitting that his first big show would be here.  I have always loved his photographs that document his lens on his family.

grandcentralmarketAfter we went to Grand Central Market.  I was really excited about coming here.   The place has been around since 1917.  The building was purchased in 1984 and the developer, Ira Yellin who also bought other properties in the area began renovating them instead of tearing them down.  He did an awesome job.

belcampoThe market has places that are new and old.  Yet he kept the grit and injected the new places around the old.  It has a great vibe and there are still places to buy produce.  This is Bel Campo.  The brainchild of Anya Fernald, who has created a meat farm way up in Northern California.  She is taking the meats and selling them in stores that they are rolling out.  These stores will also serve food.  A vertically integrated operation.  You can see the meats, sausages, etc available to buy.

burger:friesThe burger is excellent.  We sat at the counter and split a burger and fries.  Wanted to make sure we had room for other tastes.

This is Horse Thief BBQ outside that looks new and shiny.  Great outdoor space.

chinacafeChina Cafe that appears to have been there for some time.  Love the counter service.

moleA small shop with mostly Mexican products.  The two women behind the counter make the mole.  Lots of different types.  They have been around for forty-five years.  I bought some green mole for future meals.

tacoplacepotWe walked the lanes until we got to Villa Moreliana.  Serious pulled pork, pork rinds, pulled chicken too.  This place was the real deal.  Check out these huge pots.

tacoWe went for a pork taco to split.  Super simple.  Pulled meat, corn soft taco and green sauce.  It was fantastic.

coffeeA little shot of espresso from G&B Coffee and I was good to go.

We will be making our way back down there soon…

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  1. Steven Kane

    Chris Burden has a big reputation but not nearly big enough, methinks. Huge fan. He is a titan of modern art. China Cafe has been around for soooooooo long its an institution. But the food? Meh.

    1. Gotham Gal


  2. Yinka!

    That burger looks massive. And tasty! Love the equally massive pieces by Bradford and Serra; individual compositions aside, there’s just something about gigantic art.

  3. pointsnfigures


  4. JAJones

    Where in LA are you staying?

    1. Gotham Gal


  5. awaldstein

    What the west side doesn’t have, that I know of, is a great wine bar or shop. They so need both a Chambers Street Wines and a 10 Bells type of place.If I”m wrong please share as I”m heading out in a few weeks.

    1. Gotham Gal

      You are right.

      1. lindsaycampbell

        It’s not all the way West but Bar and Garden in the Culver City Arts district (6142 Washington Blvd, Culver City) is incredible for local wines and hard to find spirits. Pretty garden in the back where tastings happen, too.

        1. Gotham Gal

          good to know.