Los Angeles art fair

chickentacoWe are settling in.  The key to Saturday’s endless errands was two stops to try tacos.  We first started at a green market we drove by in Santa Monica and had chicken tacos.

shrimp:fishtacoOne taco did not fill us up so we opted to pull over at La Playita, a local dive and try a shrimp and fish taco.  It hit the spot.

The late afternoon we went to the Nada art fair in Santa Monica.

It was a small show.  A few galleries we know and others we did not.

sharpieThis was kind of funny.  Sharpies.

greenwhiteblackReally liked this painting.

hilaryattehtholeThought this was hilarious.

paintingof guy
The artist did an amazing job of painting people in daily events.

matthewstoneThought these brush strokes on canvas were cool.

coffeeThis booth was filled with coffee mug pieces.

foodphotosThese shots of food mixes were kind of crazy.

sarahgreenAlways love the artist Sarah Greenberger Rafferty.

Just starting to get a picture of the art world in Los Angeles.