Lots of tasting in LA

I have said many times that I am insanely spoiled when it comes to food.  My Mom was an excellent cook, my Grandmother was an insane baker.  I love doing both and have been practicing both since I was young.  We live in NYC where the food is so good that sometimes the meals are better here than the countries that the recipes are derived from.

We are out in LA until the weather thaws in NYC.  I miss my city but I do not miss the cold.  Maybe it is just old age of I have just become a wimp.

We are making the food rounds in LA.  I do not want to shoot down everywhere we go but have yet to have that many great meals.  I did love Rustic Canyon and thought Smoke Salt Oil was good too.  We are on the westside of LA so driving 45 minutes for a new place seems utterly ridiculous to me so we aren’t doing much of that.

farmhousestoreWe drove to the Brentwood Country Mart and dined at Farmshop.  Loved the space.  Nice local place to pick up cheese, wines, sandwiches, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Didn’t love the food.

scallopsHad the scallops for dinner.  Nothing we had was over the top.  Maybe it isn’t meant to be.

gjunaI have also been to Gjusta, the third spot opened from the expanding Gjelina empire.  I loved Gjelina when it first opened.  The space at Gjusta is amazing.  Maybe we got the wrong thing but I was not blown away by the salads or the rotisserie chicken that made me thirsty the rest of the day.

shoreWe took a ride up to the Malibu Farm for lunch.  The location is amazing.  You overlook surfers heaven.

malibustoreThere is a small shop across the way that you can wander in to if someone holds you a spot on line.  You have to stand in line and order at the register.  They give you a number to take with you and place on your table.  Eventually your meal comes.

saladThe food wasn’t great.

I continue to seek out new places.  Is it the NYer in me that is having a tough time?