Smoke Oil Salt

If you are craving real honest to goodness Spanish food in LA then Smoke Oil Salt is your place.  Small and large plates that they recommend sharing.  The one thing is that anything over four people makes sharing tough.  I’d probably do it different the next time around.

oystersWe started off with a very garlicky gazpacho topped with an oyster.  I got concerned but it was really the only dish that was like that.

tomatotoastHere is what we ate.  The catalan tomato toast is delicious.  Slices of bread soaked in olive oil and then smeared with chopped tomatoes.  The bread could be a tad thinner and crispier but again I could have eaten two.

friedcodCod croquets with a citrus alioli.  Crispy light and tasty.

porkbellySlow cooked carrots that had been charred on the grill.  They could be cut with a fork.  This topped a carrot salad and carrot puree.  Really interesting combination of carrots 3 ways.

octoSmoked octopus that was super soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.  Really well done.  That came with a garden herb salad, roasted soft potatoes with a vinaigrette over that.

calmariCuttlefish that was stuffed with a bit of goat cheese, topped with a chopped parley pesto over a warm lentil salad.  This was really excellent.  The lentils were incredible.

squidpinkpastaThis was the best thing.  Short thin pieces of black ink pasta served with mussels, chorizo and a vermouth sauce.  We basically licked the bowl clean.

charWood fired artic char with an eggplant puree and a blood orange herb salad on the side.

Honestly everything was really good some excellent but I would have liked to either order more or have my own.  I felt like we were just grazing.  Could have just been my mood.

dougnutsFor dessert we did the same thing.  Tastes.  Small hot fried dough balls served with a chocolate dipping sauce.

icecremaI don’t remember exactly what this was.  A ginger cake perhaps?

flanishRice pudding with caramel and crispy pieces of sugar on top.  Again…not sure exactly.

I’d absolutely go back.  Paella on Sundays.  I just wish it wasn’t 45 minutes from where I am staying.



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  1. Brandon Burns

    “I just wish it wasn’t 45 minutes from where I am staying.”Welcome to LA. You’re not in New York anymore. 🙂

    1. Gotham Gal

      Lol. Exactly

      1. pointsnfigures

        a trip to the 7/11 is 45 min!