Sushi Tsujita

We tried to get reservations a few weeks ago.  Then we did a drive-by super early and ended up making date for a few weeks out.  The news on the street is Sushi Tsujita is the new sushi place worth checking out in town after opening this past summer.

Sushi in Los Angeles is insanely delicious.  Sugarfish is a winner every time.  Sushi Tsjuita is a very long affair, too long in fact.  There were a few memorables but as a whole it was ok.  The price range is $120-180 for three different ranges of omakase.

I will run thru the meal.  I don’t remember the types of all the sushi we were served but for whatever reason most of it was in the white fish family and very similar.  Perhaps that was what was fresh that day.

snailWe began with a clam.  Great presentation.  Tad chewy.

saladNext out was a salad that was just a few bites but really good.  Crisp, fresh and just a hint of an Asian dressing.

sashimiA plate of sashimi.

gingerTheir ginger was excellent.

whitefish Here begins the white fish

searedwhitefishAnother one

fattytunaSuper rich fatty tuna.  This was a winner

fishAnother white fish

morefishAnd another

unicaviarMy fave here…uni with roe.

bfishAnother one


misosoupReally delicious miso soup with a bit of “shock” white fish in it.

silverfishBraided silver fish

eelleggEel and egg

strawberryWeird tasting strawberry dessert that kind of tasted like Cool Whip.

The meal lasted almost three hours.  We were all exhausted and asked them to speed it up.  They were so nice and got things moving.  Not sure I am racing back here.  Will continue to move thru the sushi places in LA.


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  1. awaldstein

    The fine line between ambiance and experience.Restaurants fail for me when fall to the right of ambiance and enjoyment.

    1. Gotham Gal

      nice way to put it.

  2. William Mougayar

    it doesn’t sound like you were totally impressed ;)omakase can be a crap shoot sometimes. they put you at their own whims.

    1. Gotham Gal

      i wasn’t