do the hustle

Time and time again people ask investors the question which is what are they looking for when they invest.  My answer is pretty much the same each time.  I invest in people.  People who have a fire in their belly, that will stop at nothing to succeed, who are curious and tenacious.  I also have to like the business too.

There are so many stories that I can all tell about companies we invest I have invested in.  The company is hanging on by a thread then capital comes in the door and everything changes.  They company continues doing the same thing over and over again and one day they lean a little bit to another side and the business takes off.  One person joins the team and everything changes.  Story after story after story.  I learn from each one.

Sometimes I think about the game whack-a-mole although that game might be a better analogy to just growing the business.  Just when you think everything is running along at a good clip something pops up out of nowhere.  The day to day exhaustion and problems seem to settle down as a business grows but there is always a little mole out there waiting to rear its ugly head.

I heard my husband speak the other day about how great entrepreneurs hustle.  This past week I have been blown away by a few entrepreneurs that I work with. Their hustle blows me away every single day.  The song, The Hustle, which was part of my childhood keeps rumbling through my head so I just needed to post it.