International Day of Ear Care

imgresHow many of you knew that there was an International Day of Ear Care?  I found out about this through Mimi, a company that I am invested in that resides in Berlin.  Mimi is building the next generation of hearing solutions.  They want to change people’s hearing one ear at a time.

The app runs through your phone.  It allows you to be in control of your hearing without the cost and equipment.  650 million people suffer from hearing loss. Only 2.5% are being treated. Mimi wants to change these numbers.  Their aim is to enable everyone who has hearing loss to take back the power to hear and feel in control.

The big launch of the product is today.  They are challenging everyone to have your hearing checked.   All you have to do is download the app today and you can do it.  They hope to get 1 million people to check their hearing.  Refer this to your friends and family. Everyone should have access to better hearing.

It is essential to create awareness about hearing.  360 million people around the globe have some type of hearing loss.  32 million of them are children under the age of 15.  About 15% of the world’s adult population has some level of hearing loss.  Nearly 25% over the age of 65.

Mimi is looking to solve this problem through an app that runs over your phone.  The costs of hearing aids, doctor visits, etc is expensive.  Mimi wants to change all of that.  Hearing is essential to living in the world.  It is disabling not being able to hear.

Take the challenge and test your own hearing today.  Click here for Mimi’s app