International Womans Day

International Woman’s Day was yesterday.  Over the course of the week I have been getting updates from Dream, Girl.  Dream, Girl is the vision of Erin Bagwell who raised money on Kickstarter to create a documentary telling the stories of women entrepreneurs who are changing the world.  Essentially redefining what it means to be a boss.

Both of these videos are worth watching.  The trailer.  A short clip of all the women (and only women) who worked on the film.

I was interviewed for this film and just love what she is doing.  I am really looking forward to this film being released.

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  1. Sofia Papastamelos

    Can’t wait to see the film! Hoping to see some viewings popping up in the Boston entrepreneurial community when it’s released. Leveraging the collegiate groups here would be a great way to schedule screenings.