Keeping the Garment Center alive

imgresI have written so many times about the ever changing landscape of NYC including the boroughs.  As we travel we see a changing landscape in every urban area we visit.

One of the neighborhoods that is seeing a serious change is Sunset Park.  I had the pleasure of meeting with Bob Bland who is the brains behind The Brooklyn Design Hub, Manufacture NY.  It is a 160,000 square foot space that was funded in part by the City of New York to keep the manufacturing business in NYC alive and redefine the future of apparel and wearable tech.

The garment center is part of a long history of NYC generating billions of dollars in sales.  Time has changed the industry.  At one point everything was starting to get made overseas but that is changing.  There is a balance based on the business.  I am watching that first hand at Makers Row.  We are all watching it at Etsy.

The cost of real estate in NYC continues to climb.  This oasis in Sunset Park is allowing many of those manufacturers (not the brands but the actual cut and sew shops) move to a location where they can get more space for more money.

The Brooklyn Design center is a win win for everyone.  It keeps people employed who have had jobs in these companies for decades, it keeps an industry that is vital to NYC to stay in NYC and it transforms a neighborhood.

I am a huge fan!