Picca Peruvian and Sotto

One night we went to Picca Peruvian.  We were supposed to return later in the week to go to Sotto that is downstairs.  Didn’t get there yet but we will.   Pretty clever to have one building with two completely different restaurants in it.

margaritaThe few times I have had Peruvian food there always seems to be hints of Japanese flavorings which makes it really unique.  I thought the food here was quite good.  We started out with a killer margarita.  I am not a big cocktail person but their list is pretty stellar.  The space was really nice too.

eggplantEverything is meant for sharing.  Charred eggplant with sunchoke chips and ponzu sauce.  This had a nice smoky flavor.  I would have liked to see bigger chips for dipping but this was really delicious.

spicyyellowtailSpicy yellowtail over a mashed rice crispy rice pellets.  Interesting take on sushi.

cevicheCeviche of marinated halibut and crispy calamari.  I really liked the raw fish with the crispy cooked squid.  Good combo.

brusselsSide order of brussels that come on a stick with applewood bacon and a salsa.

beefThe big split was the beef.  40 ounce dry aged rib eye with sauces on the side.  Great presentation too.  There was 6 of us so this was perfect otherwise everything is so small that I sometimes feel like I just tasted all night and didn’t have a meal.

paellaThe paella was also good with a mixture of seafood and sea urchin mixed into the rice.  Very creamy.

churrosFor dessert we had churros that were excellent.  Super moist inside.  You have to eat them the second them come out or they get hard.

Good meal…and beautiful looking restaurant.  Need to check out Sotto upstairs.

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  1. Mariah Lichtenstern

    Wow; you all really get around and explore. That’s great. You are spot-on about Peruvian food… When I was an undergrad, I was part of a Japanese Peruvian oral history project around Japanese internment during WWII. There is indeed Japanese influence in Peruvian culture. Had a Peruvian roommate in my last year of college who was a culinary artist. Amazing food. Will have to try those restaurants one of these days…

  2. awaldstein

    Been feeding your LA reviews to an investor who lives in LA working towards where I want to eat with them on my next trip.

    1. Gotham Gal


    2. Gotham Gal

      there are a few I have not reviewed b/c they are not good. i don’t want to be the nyer that comes and disses all their top places. 🙂