imgresI had a conversation with a very good friend of mine the other day about transformation.  Transformation is defined as the operation of changing.  That is a pretty broad description as it can be about a handful of variables.  Companies go through transformations when their original business plan changes or when they go from 5 employees to 20 to 200.  Homes go through transformations when a new family moves in or a room is redone or even a couch is moved.  Getting your hair cut in a new way is a transformation.

I could go on and on about transformation.  More than likely that conversation helped me think about how my life has transformed over the past decade.  It has taken on another level of transformation since becoming empty nesters this past September.  Over the past ten years as I shifted into a new career, one that I have created and built without a clear path except the desire to do something that I love has been transformative.  In many ways only over the last six months have I felt that I have come into myself.  I know longer feel like I need to reassess my balance but just enjoy the path I am on.  If things change then I can transform into something else.  That is empowering.

We are living a bi-coastal existence that is transformative into itself.  Our relationships with our children have changed into the next stage because they are adults.  All of this feels so good.

I heard Fred tell someone that I do four things well maybe more.  I write a daily blog, I invest in start-ups and get involved, I put on a festival every year and I am slowly building a real estate empire on the side.  All of these things happened over the past decade.  It sounds like crazy that someone could do all that (and there is more) but for me it works.  It has been a transformative decade.

Having that conversation with my friend continues to ramble around my head.  The importance of this conversation is really to think about where you are and how do you get to where you want to be.  You have to work at it but sometimes you are just working away and all of a sudden you look up and you realize that you have transformed.  You have made a dramatic change or even a subtle change.  I have always loved change.  Perhaps that is why I am kind of obsessed with transformation.