AIPAD at the Armory

After going to the Paris Photography Show I am a bit spoiled.   It was the best show I have been to, hands down.  AIPAD is evolving.  The armory show used to be mostly older galleries with classic photography but now there is more than a handful of the photography galleries that carry contemporary artists.

Here were my highlights.  Vik Muniz at the Edwynn Houk Gallery.  I have been following his work for years.  Have yet to pull the trigger.

mlksteve shapiroMartin Luther King marching for voting rights by Steve Schapiro at the Monroe Gallery of Photography.  This is some of the older works I was talking about.

katrinkormanKatrin Korfman photo of dancers in a square at Kopeikin Gallery.

foodtrucksPhotos of food trucks by Jim Dine at the Robert Klein Gallery.

dougandmikestarnDoug and Mike Starn from Hackelbury Fine Art.

parisClaire de Virieu from a Parisian Gallery of a rare light snow in the Luxenbourg Gardens.

bklynbridgeBrooklyn Bridge by Abelardo Morrel at the Edwynn Morrel gallery.  Another photographer I have followed for years.  Finally pulled the trigger here on this piece.

jimcampbellThis is a photo with LED lights behind it that creates images that are walking across the screen.  Jim Campbell at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery.  I really love this.

diverThis is a great piece by Nino Migiliori at Keith de Lellis Gallery.

ingesmoralI love these.  We own a few.  Inge Morath at Danziger Gallery.

gordonparksLots of Gordon Parks.  The foundation just released a new group of photos.

cliffordNice to see this new work by Clifford Ross at Steven Kasher Gallery.

A little bit of old and a little bit of new.  Definitely a great annual event.



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  1. awaldstein

    Glad to see Monroe Gallery there.They used to be Soho Triad on Grand Street when I lived around the corner.I bought my first Margaret-Bourke White piece from them ages ago.Sid is great, a friend and a mentor and so amazingly knowledgeable.The piece btw still sits over my desk.

    1. pointsnfigures

      one of my favorite all time photos from National Lampoon. Couldn’t get away with that one today

      1. awaldstein

        yup the ethos of humor has changed.i think the ethos of language as well. I find myself more intolerant of intolerant language as time goes on.