imgresI don’t like musicals.  Let’s start there.  Fred kept pushing to go see Hamilton and after hearing some feedback from people who know my dislike of musicals got me to finally agree to go.  I am really glad we went.  Fred posted on it this weekend.  Worth watching the video on his post.

Lin-Manuel Miranda who wrote the play is brilliant, nothing less.  He was inspired to read this after reading Hamilton by Ron Chernow.  The hip-hop lyrics create a banter that is unique to theater.  Genius.

The choreography by Andy Blankenbuehler is one of the keys to the show.  The costumes are incredible.  The acting is superb. Still thinking about all of it.

Not a huge fan of being trapped in a room for almost 3 hours and do believe that there are a few songs that I could have done without.  When the show comes to Broadway it will be interesting to see how it changes.  My guess is that this play will be showing for years to come.

I am glad that I went.  Glad I was able to see it at the Public.  The historical content is amazing.  Went home to read more on Hamilton’s wife Elizabeth and the impact she made after he was killed by Aaron Burr.

All and all, one of the best musicals I have seen….and I still do not like musicals.



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  1. bsoist

    I don’t like musicals.WHAT?! What’s not to like?

    1. Gotham Gal

      I prefer drama. what can i say?

  2. William Mougayar

    You’re right that the hip-hop injection perked it up, and it was a genius combination.I too tend to dislike musicals in general unless they’re riveting, but this one will definitely be on the list, either in NYC or Toronto when it propagates.I’m still grappling with why a man with such intelligence subject himself to the risk of dying via the duel.

    1. Gotham Gal

      it was the times.

    2. pointsnfigures

      if you read his biography you will see. intense times. hamilton wasn’t perfect. quite a philanderer. got him in trouble. in the case of Aaron Burr, Burr was a political rival. Hamilton would go out of his way to make things bad for Burr.

      1. William Mougayar

        interesting…i will need to read it. thanks.

  3. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Saw this on Fred’s blog over the weekend, and went, “Hey! That’s the ‘Habitat’ guy from Sesame Street!” I had no idea he was this incredible talent. The White House performance was genius. I hope this makes its way to pay-per-view or something soon because I think kids would really dig it.If only I had time to see this at The Public. It’s one of my favorite venues.

  4. Erin

    lol “… and I still do not like musicals.” I saw the preview on Fred’s blog too. So good, I hope it comes to Canada. 😉

  5. jonathanc

    Agree 100% on musicals. The worst category is a musical that is recycled from a TV program or (non-musical) movie. Having said that, Hamilton has been on my “must see” list for its originality. The Public does great stuff. I am going to have to wait until it moves to Broadway for tickets since it is sold out downtown. And, much to my surprise, I just saw The King and I which I have to admit was pretty damn good. Incredible production values — that ship in the opening scene was jaw dropping.

  6. Matt Kruza

    100% agree on dislike of musicals. To be fair, only one I have gone to was fiddler on the roof on an 8th grade trip some 13 years ago but I still have nightmares… we are in firm agreement on that topic!

  7. Susan Rubinsky

    I can’t stand musicals either. So refreshing to hear you say that!

    1. Susan Rubinsky

      People look at me like I’m an alien when I say that.

  8. pointsnfigures

    I dislike musicals. But, this is one I’d like to see.

  9. Melina

    I’m seeing Hamilton this Thursday night. Can’t wait to compare notes, Joanne!