Hudson Eats, 225 Liberty Street

We did our fair share of 225 Liberty Street this past weekend.  We saw a few films at the Tribeca Film Festival and this food hall is quite convenient.

cheeseThe ground floor is really well done.  The residents and the people who work in the area must be cheering.  Everything takes off on a French theme.  There is a rotisserie.  There is a cheese shop.

flowersThere is a flower shop.  All named in French.



charcuterieCharcuterie.  There is also a butcher, a place to buy books and products even some cookware.

Upstairs is Hudson Eats.  This generations food hall.  The seating, large windows and total space is really well done.  Airy and not tight.  Sprinkle Cupcakes.

numpangNum Pang.

blueribbonsushiBlue Ribbon Sushi.

umamiburgerUmami Burger.


hudsoneatsHere is the list of everything there.

After the second movie we came back and had dinner at Beaubourg.  Don’t run.  I didn’t even bother with pics.  The menu attempts to be French.  The food is sub-par and the presentations are even worse.  Definitely not a place to return to.  Although the food hall is a winner.  You can walk outside with a few goodies, sit down on a picnic table and look out at the Hudson.  A great addition to Battery Park City.


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    .Great pics as usual. Thanks.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

  2. Donna Brewington White

    Why have I not yet learned not to read your blog before breakfast. Great photos. Too great. 🙂