“I am following the GPS”

imgresThere are so many things I love about the new economy.  One of the most amazing things is how so many people have been able to become their own bosses or make extra cash on the side.

Etsy was the start.  A marketplace of makers.  Some of these makers have created large businesses while others are just happy to make their wares and sell a few pieces here and there.  It is not only an outlet for creativity it is a place where you can build your own business.

Airbnb.  I never thought that people would be so hot to lease out their own homes for short term to strangers.  Talk about a discovery on consumer behavior that never existed before.  Anyone can make some side money leasing out their place to travelers.

Postmates.  On demand delivery of anything from your favorite spot.

The ultimate has been Uber.  There are many off-shoots of Uber including Lyft, Sidecar and even Hop Skip Drive.  They all make sense.  They are all filling voids in the market where there is a need for transportation.

The downside of Uber is the GPS systems.  Nobody seems to know where they are going.  In London you have to pass an exam to prove that you know the roads inside out.  Taxi drivers in NYC used to have to take a test too.  Now you can just hop in your car, register as an Uber driver and follow the GPS.  It is insanely frustrating.  Many, well most, of these drivers have zero idea where they are going.  You have to pay attention or you will end up sitting in traffic or taking twice as long to get there.

Not sure what the answer is but I know I pay more attention now when I get in an Uber.  If one more driver gets testy with me and says “I follow GPS” I might scream.