It is all about mobile

imagesI was at a non-profit board meeting the other day and one of the things on our agenda was ecommerce.  A few of us had been pushing for the importance of not only thinking about the website but the importance of mobile.

These days when companies are built from scratch it all begins with a technology platform.  That platform is the foundation for everything; sales, management, events, data, calendars, etc.   It is the hub.  Companies who did not start with that technology hub find themselves backing into it without the true realization of how important that hub is of course until they do.

Two of the board members, who come out of banking and consulting for big brands chimed in on the ecommerce mobile push.  They both said that they do everything from their phone.  Purchases, conversations, calendar…life.  They never use anything else unless they happen to be sitting at their desk at work.  Their lives are purely mobile.

I spend all day in a echo chamber of the new new.  I am highly aware of that because it can takes years for the new new to catch up to the masses.  Hearing those two board members talk about how they live their lives through mobile was certainly an “aha” moment for the non-profit but it was also a “wow” for me.

My friend sent me a study on Criteo stating mobile accounts for 30% of all ecommerce transactions globally covering almost $130 billion in sales.   It will hit 50% quite soon.

The study states conversion is high across multiple categories.  Smartphones have taken over tablets (noted by the two board members).  Android is becoming more important because not everyone has an iPhone but certainly consumer behavior remains the same.  Asia leads the pack in mobile transactions and in some countries Android out performs iPhone.

Sometimes when I read these studies or witness the world we live in today I have these small moments when I wonder what our founding fathers (and mothers) would think if they were transported in time to the world we live in today.