imgresThere was a point where we belonged to three different theater groups.  It was overwhelming.  I found that over the years that sometimes the plays were good and sometimes they were great and most of the time they were just ok.  In the land of theater I think you have to see a lot of bad stuff to get that one incredible experience.

We are taking a new path.  We are no longer going to buy tickets in advance when the cast looks good and crossing our fingers.  Instead we are going to just suck it up and pay up for the theater we want to see.

We went to see Skylight this past weekend.  It is only playing for a limited time of I believe six weeks.  This is the type of theater I love.  Funny, poignant, emotional, raw, intelligent and no music.  All three actors were excellent.  Cary Mulligan, Bill Nighy and Matthew Beard.   The play is written by David Hare.   If you can get tickets, go.

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  1. Gail Davis Silberman

    Have the same reservations about theatre since I have been disappointed so many times .. Have tickets Wednesday for Skylight .. Excited to see it after your comments…

  2. LE

    In the land of theater I think you have to see a lot of bad stuff to get that one incredible experience.With movies I have this thing I call “wish it wouldn’t end” to describe movies that were so good I was really sad that they weren’t longer. Along with that were “eh” “meh” and “so boring I don’t even want to finish watching”.

    1. Gotham Gal

      The only difference is movies are a helluva lot cheaper and shorter!!

      1. LE

        My wife and my two daughters went to see Kinky Boots last weekend. I told them not to get a ticket for me that I would just walk around Manhattan which is what I did. Taking pictures as I walked uptown with no particular agenda. Had a great time doing just that. Fitbit said I did something like 25,000 steps that day.

        1. Gotham Gal

          Wise move

        2. awaldstein

          NY is made to walk.We spent the day walking.Starting at 7.30 at the top of Cental Park 100th Street, though the park and finally back to TriBeCA.Long walk.

          1. Gotham Gal

            That’s a serious walk

          2. awaldstein

            We’ve been working too hard and not enjoying the city or ourselves so we just spent the day.The park was beautiful, then shopped, stopped and visited and just wandered.Although just realized that I wandered past the armory and didn’t catch the photography show–need to go back tomorrow.Feet hurt. Soul feels healed. Winter is now officially over for me.

          3. Gotham Gal

            We went. It’s good. Not great

          4. awaldstein

            Thanks.i buy from one gallery out of Sante Fe for classic photos (Bourke-White, Eisenstaedt) and he is at the show. Cool to buy from the same person for some 15 years now. For that niche he is as good as they get.

  3. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Love Bill Nighy. I would pay to see him in anything.Back when my husband and I were actors in the city (the 90’s) we went to see a LOT of off off off Bwy theater 🙂 The great thing about those was that the venues were usually tiny, so every seat was a good seat. Willem Defoe delivered a monologue ten inches away from me once (squee!)… in a really weird but captivating show.Funny enough, the *worst* things we ever saw are the ones we remember most and still fall down on the floor laughing about. So, money well spent, ha!For me, a bad night at the theater is still better than a night not going to the theater… especially if it involves Bill Nighy (or Willem Defoe, or Marisa Tomei, or Debra Monk, or…).Making good theater is so simple, yet so elusive.

  4. Brandon Burns

    I have a friend coming to town who already had advance tickets to, and I agreed to join for, the new Classic Stage production of Hamlet at w/ Peter Sarsgaard. And then the reviews came out: a unanimous 3.5 hours of terrible.I’ve been looking for a shorter, lighter show to see with him instead (hopefully someone else will endure Hamlet with him). Skylight just went to the top of the list… thanks!Any other recommendations?

  5. Erin

    Love Bill Nighy!

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