The Whitney moves downtown

americaIt finally happened.  The Whitney opened downtown.  We were lucky enough to go this past week and walk through the building with many from the art world taking it all in.

edwardhopperI am not sure how long this particular exhibit is up but it is absolute worth seeing.  They have gone into the archives and pulled out an incredible array of pieces starting from the very beginnings of the Whitney collection.  Each floor represents a time period.  The 8th floor is older, the 7th floor gets younger and onward.  Happened to love the 50’s floor.

viewsThe outdoor space of the building might be the best thing.  You can walk up and down on the outdoor staircases.  The inside space is not as interesting.  The space is large and certainly large pieces of art can be displayed but I just felt like the building is missing that “wow” moment that I got at Bilbao.

michelle:obamaRegardless, I am thrilled to have the Whitney up the street from us.  It has always been one of my favorite museums in NYC and now I can make sure I see every single exhibit include having a new restaurant in the neighborhood is an added bonus.