Willa, Avon for the Instagram Generation

3e8200d6-8119-4375-8c7d-680955fb2ee7Years ago Christy Prunier came into my office to tell me about Willa.  She had a vision.  She was already had the product, she was already selling the product and it was an uphill battle, as it always is.  She told me her vision and why she built this company and it resonated with me.  So I committed to invest and help her think through the future of Willa.  I had have her back since.

The girls that used the product loved it.  My nieces loved it.  Their friends at camp loved it.  Willa empowered these young women to want and use skin care products that they could call their own.  So how could we connect their love of the product into something else.  Could we create the next generation of women entrepreneurs?

Willa launched yesterday giving the next generation of women entrepreneurs the ability to build a business, sell a product they love and make money.  Think the next generation of the Avon lady but is a young woman who has a mobile phone and she is able to leverage her business with social media and do all her transactions in the palm of her hand.  Fortune wrote about the launch yesterday.

Willa is launching across the country with thousands of girls.  Check out the site.  Maybe you know someone who wants to be a Willa Girl?  My niece is going to be one and she is beyond psyched.  She is going to be able to actively sell and access their “My Office” providing them news, stats on their business, training and marketing materials.

I know that if this product was around when I was a teen, I’d be first in line to be a Willa Girl.