A Week in LA

titosI was out in LA this past week working on a real estate project.  Projects are great because there is a beginning and an end.  It was a crazy week but incredibly exciting.

We saw a bunch of friends who came over to see the grand finale.  Being able to see everyone was a bonus because we were only in LA for a few days.

tacosAlthough there are a few things that must be done when we are in LA.  Tacos, sushi and the Big Chill.  We had lunch at Tito’s Tacos in Culver City.  What a spot.  Cash only.  We had a bit of everything but the Tito’s Taco with cheese was the best thing.

tunaEchigo is my favorite sushi in LA.  The place has zero ambience.  Over a decade ago the chairs were white plastic outdoor picnic furniture.  They have upgraded to wooden chairs and tables.  The sushi is always excellent.  The rice is warm and there is always a few specials.  They get you in and out which I love too.

big chillThe Big Chill is the best.  Cash only and always a line. We have been coming here as long as my brother and his family have lived in LA.  Eleven years.  A variety of frozen yogurts with toppings.  They carry a bunch of random cookies and salad dressings too.  A goldmine.

The week was quick but it was nice to be back.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Kirsten Lambertsen

    I love that your L.A. musts are ‘peasant’ joints. If I ever have to choose a last meal, it will probably be tacos.

    1. Gotham Gal

      So good

  2. daryn

    “Projects are great because there is a beginning and an end.” – that’s true, though they often have a very long, painful, and expensive middle 🙂 I’m always super-impressed at your juggling in general, but after working on building our house for 2+ years I have a new appreciation for this particular facet of it!

  3. richard robinson

    after 30 days in LA dis little one said NEVER AGAIN???!!!

  4. Pranay Srinivasan

    You should write a cook / travel book combined with memories, addresses and recipes. I’d buy it on kickstarter

    1. Gotham Gal