Being in constant contact

imgresThere was an article this past weekend in the Style section in the NYTimes about the tyranny of constant contact.  I still remember the days when a phone/mini-computer was not an extension of our hand.

I text and call my kids.  I don’t want to be in their face because I don’t want to crowd their life but I want to be engaged.  It is a balance.  This past weekend I was supposed to connect with our oldest daughter. I had not heard from her after texting the night before and then into mid-morning.  I was concerned because she has always been an early riser.  I was getting a bit concerned.  She finally called me late morning after a late night she had just woke up.

In the land of the past I would have never had that opportunity to even worry because there was not that state of constant contact.  I could have noticed on her Instagram that she was out late but I find myself rarely looking at Instagram these days unless I have some idle time in a taxi.  God forbid I should just watch the scene outside the car window because absorbing myself into the abyss of social media is much easier.  Twitter is a go-to for that.  The best media platform out there.

Sometimes that constant is just so overwhelming.  Sometimes the constant is comforting.  Just as I do try hard to balance the in your face with my kids (who are essentially adults) and the feed of the world that keeps coming at us.  As summer is upon us it is the perfect time to think more about disconnecting.