Bohemian Restaurant, NYC

bohemBohemian is a tiny restaurant in the village that is noted as one of the “secret rooms” in the city.   You walk down a long hallway off of Great Jones Street to the entrance.  The restaurant is small and feels more clubby.  The tables are not your typical dining tables but a mixture of 60’s inspired chairs and couches with low tables as if you are sitting in a lounge.  There is a small bar too if there is only one or two of you but anything over that should be seated at the tables. The clientele is mostly Japanese.  You could close your eyes and think you just arrived in Tokyo.

oystersSome of the food is really good and some just okay.  We opted out of the tasting menu and instead shared everything which is what they recommended.  The oysters were fantastic.  Plump, briny and fresh.

cauliflowerPickling is big in Japan and there is more than a handful of pickled plates on the menu.  Pickled cauliflower.

cucumbersjellyThis was interesting.  Thick slices of cucumber with a miso jelly on top.  It was strange but quite good.

saladThis salad was a special that evening.  Almost like a Shabu Shabu salad.  Think Chinese Chicken salad covered with a piece of thinly cooked pork.

pokeTuna poke.  Chunks of tuna marinated with soy flavors and hints of ginger served with seaweed to wrap it in.

sticksRoasted pieces of burdock root that had been roasted.  The texture is strange almost like eating a piece of bark but there is something about it that you want to continue to pick up one after another and continue whittling away at it.

uniballsUni Croquette.  The croquette is stuffed with something that is like a thick mushroom soup where the liquid has vanished and what is left is this thick rich dense mushroom mix.  Breaded with fine panko, deep fried and topped with uni.  Super rich and really interesting.

codMiso black cod.  Also very rich.

fishThis presentation was great.  Pan fried branzino cut into slices that came right off the bone with a mixture of vegetables and potatoes on the side that had also been roasted in the pan.

steakThe wagu beef there was incredible.  Simply served straight from the grill.  There are a few options of beef and we went with the hanger steak.

sweetpotatoesThis dish was incredible.  White yams that had been twice boiled and then roasted.  These are so sweet and sticky that you can not help but continue eating them until the entire plate was gone.

dessertWe ordered dessert.  I actually did not have any but it was a mixture of chocolate, green eat and strawberries.  Nobody had any problems finishing it.

Not sure I would race back here but glad we got to experience it.  There are so many different places around NYC and it is fun to check out something where we had zero expectations.

Comments (Archived):

  1. William Mougayar

    it looks good, but a bit too much frying and salt (soya) in my opinion, no?you said the word “rich” 3 times 🙂

    1. Gotham Gal

      ha. it was rich!

  2. ellen sing

    looks fabulous. I am going to try a brisket in my new slow cooker. I hope it will fall to pieces like that branzino. The last brisket i made was a bit rubbery, but then I can over broil tenderloin and make a $35 a pound piece of meat into shoe leather.

  3. Riki Franco

    Looks like a great feast! have you been to Chef Jose Andres restaurant- Bazaar Meat? it is incredible! funny to say but it really is an orgasmic experience, take a look

    1. Gotham Gal

      Heard about it. I want to go. LA right?

  4. Riki Franco

    They have 5 locations I think, all located at the SLS hotels, this one was in Vegas, but they have one in LA, Miami, Bahamas and very soon in NYC!