LDV Vision Summit

meEvan Nisselson reached out to me to do a fireside chat with him at his LDV Vision Summit.  It wasn’t sitting by a fireplace but up on stage at his two day event.   The event is centered around entrepreneurs and ideas that use digital imaging and video technology across their businesses be it for consumers or for business to business.

The data is there that using images captures eyeballs.  To see something vs read something can be easier, more intuitive and quicker to take in.  Look at Pinterest, Tumblr and YouTube.  Interacting with pictures makes a huge difference.

Day 2 - Joanne WIlsonI really do like the conversation Evan and I had.  The card above is really clever and it takes all the tidbits we discussed and puts it into a visual caption with words.  Very much in-line with what his summit stands for.  I find the chats an easier way to talk to people in front of an audience.  It is free-flowing and authentic.  I could have talked to Evan for a lot longer and that to me says it all.